Self Life Coach



I have bad news for you. No help is coming. The Calvary isn’t right around the bend. The church is lost and the government is self-involved and corrupt. Your therapist is struggling with their own ‘issues’ and the TV is full of charlatans. Doctors Phil and Oz are idiots. Life coaches are nothing but self appointed experts on bullshit. You’re probably going to have to fix things yourself.

On the other hand, I do have some good news. You can do it. You probably already have all the discipline and prerequisites. All you need is a little direction, a few skills, and totally new perspective. Oh, and 13 dollars.

Enough Already and its later companion volumes can provide all those things. Angus is something you might not have seen before. A thoughtful, cranky teacher who believes that everyone can fix their own life. Not only that but he really doesn’t care which path you choose to take. So come check it out. Because nobody else is going to do it for you.










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